Magic Cart Install Steps

  • Get Magic Cart App
  • Customize to match your branding
  • Set your Reward Tiers
    • Set Free Shipping and/or Free Gift
  • Set your Cart Upsells

Get Magic Cart App

Customize Magic Cart to match your branding

  • Go to Settings > Appearance
  • Customize the colors to match your existing site branding


Set Your Reward Tiers

  • We recommend looking at your current store AOV and using that $ amount to guide how to set your tiers.
    • Eg. If your current AOV is $100, that might make a good baseline (Tier 1).
  • See how some of the fastest growing ecommerce stores are configuring Magic Cart Rewards: Kettle & Fire, Surely, Rheal Superfoods, and Penderson Farms


How to setup Free Shipping

  • Define your Free Shipping rate via Shopify Admin Settings
    • Settings > Shipping and delivery > Manage rates
    • image

    • Define the $ amount needed for Free Shipping
    • image

  • Go back to Magic Cart and choose the reward tier with the minimum $ to match your free shipping condition rate.
  • image

How to setup Free Gift

  • Enable the Free Gift feature
  • Choose the product you would like to offer
  • Set your $ amount to unlock Free Gift
  • image

    Note, your 'Free Gift' tier will appear in the order of the $ amount needed. In the example above, Free Gift would become Tier 2.

Set your Cart Upsells

  • Magic Cart default uses Shopify AI to recommend upsells based on products in cart
  • To manually define upsells, go to Settings > Cart > Select 'Manual' under Cart Upsells, then select up to three products.
  • image

When you're ready to go live, go to Settings and enable 'Live Mode'



If you have any Cart, Cart Slider, Cart Drawer theme setting enabled, it will need to be disabled to use Magic Cart.

  • On themes that have Cart Drawer, go to Online Store > Themes > Current Theme > Customize
  • On the bottom left, click 'Theme settings' , find 'Cart Drawer' and uncheck 'Show cart drawer'

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